Thursday, January 7, 2010

♪{Musac BlogRevue} The Dirt on East Coast Dirt♪

Wednesday night I had the pleasure of checking out the beats of Asheville natives, East Coast Dirt at the Preservation Pub. Instantly I was impressed by their funky chaotic instrumentals. Going in not having a clue of what to expect, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. It was if I was slapped in the face by elements of rock, roots, and experimental sounds (they cleverly deem this mash of audibles "Sneaker Booglaoo"). As soon as I got a taste I immediately associated it with the experimental jazz sounds of MMW (Medeski Martin and Wood).

Though East Coast Dirt brings a fairly new sound to the mix, band members Wilson Hawes (bass guitar, vocals), Brad Boughton (drums, vocals),  Brian Steele (guitar, bass, vocals) and Will Little (keyboards, guitar, vocals) are no amateurs. Delivering complexity, with a dash of spontaneity and a touch of playfulness, the band's chemistry sends sparks flying all over the stage.

Although the band mostly tours on the east coast, their growing fan base has allowed them to expand geographically. After collaborating in the studios this winter, the band is set to release a new album in Spring 2010. The new album captures the dynamics of their live shows while emphasizing each member's unique writing styles and innovative instrumentals.

Don't miss out on this progressive rock-fusion quartet! It'll be sure to make you put your boogie shoes and party pants on!

* Photos by Kelsey Caran Wiggins                                   

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